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Rene Kärkkäinen

Finnish technology student at Business College Helsinki, with a background at WithSecure, a leading Nordic cybersecurity company. Skilled in networking, server environments, cybersecurity, web development, and data analysis. Actively seeking opportunities in IT from all over the world to contribute in enhancing system security.

About me

Welcome to my digital abode! I'm Rene Kärkkäinen, a tech enthusiast and student navigating the landscape of information technology with a security first mindset. This platform serves as a hub for insights, experiences, and explorations in the world of technology.

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Work experience

Information Technology Trainee | Internship
WithSecure Oyj, Helsinki, Finland
Oct - Dec 2023

Nursing Home Assistant | Summer Job
City of Helsinki, Helsinki, Finland
Jun - Jul 2022

Going for walks with the elderly, playing games together, reading magazines or books, assisting with office work or simply chatting and being present.

Store Assistant | Internship
K-Market Rekola, Vantaa, Finland
Dec 2021

Selling, unloading and checking shipments, customer service, and keeping the store clean.


Vocational qualification in ICT specialized in Cyber Security
Business College Helsinki
2022 - present

High School
Töölön Yhteiskoulun aikuislukio
2022 - present

Technical Skills

Diving into the Tech Wonderland, I transform ideas into IT magic!

Network Administration

Proven skills in configuring and maintaining secure and efficient network infrastructures.


Experienced in implementing robust security measures to protect against cyber threats.

Server Environments

Proficient in managing server environments, including setup, maintenance, and optimization.

Linux Systems

In-depth knowledge of Linux systems, including installation, configuration, and troubleshooting.

Virtualization Technologies

Skilled in using virtualization platforms like VMware ESXi for efficient resource utilization.

IT Infrastructure

Experienced in designing and maintaining reliable and scalable IT infrastructures.

Scripting and Automation

Adept at scripting languages to automate repetitive tasks and enhance workflow efficiency.

Team Collaboration

Proven ability to collaborate seamlessly with cross-functional teams for project success.


Effective problem-solving skills with a keen attention to detail for identifying and resolving issues.

Experiencing with Technology

Home Lab:
Where Ideas Take Flight

What I Learned:

Throughout the journey of constructing my Home Lab, I gained valuable insights into networking, virtualization, server management, and hardware configurations. The art of running servers, understanding how networks work, and the importance of adaptability in the tech landscape were among the many discoveries.

FPS Multiplayer made with Unreal Engine 4

What I Learned:

This project was a journey into the heart of Unreal Engine, networking challenges, and the magic of multiplayer dynamics.

A Glimpse into My Coding Journey

What I Learned:

In programming, comfort is key. I navigate through languages like Python, JavaScript, C#, HTML and beyond with ease, using them as tools to bring ideas to life. From exploring frameworks and libraries to tackling real-world problems.

Let's work together

Seeking opportunities in IT from all over the world!